Write Your Own Content and Save Money. Here’s How.

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As an entrepreneur, you are the person closest to your business. Nobody knows as much about it as you do and no one can explain the intricate details as well as you can. But that doesn’t mean you should write your own content. 

Granted, you’re in a unique position to answer questions. You started the business, spent time understanding the intricacies and the benefits your products and services have to offer. Despite this, not everyone can write well—even about topics they know better than anyone else. Fewer still know what their readers really want to hear.

If you’re in the process of setting up a new website, launching a product, or strengthening an existing one, please don’t write your own content. A copywriter is an indispensable asset to your business. 

It’s not about WHAT you write… It’s about HOW you write.

Hear me out: It’s not a bad thing to write your own content. BUT, if you don’t know how to appeal to your audience, your well-crafted, factually correct, perfectly grammatical content will work against you.

With a good copywriter on your team of outsourced freelancers, you can take something mundane and turn it into something inspiring—something that expresses the voice of your brand. 

The reason for hiring a skilled writer—instead of writing your own content—is to make a lasting impression on your audience and or customers. Content provides information and education. 

Sure, when you write your own content, you have unprecedented control over the message you convey. But you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the help of a professional freelance content writer.

Although content writing agencies and freelancers do carry the message, they are only as good as the information they receive and the effort they put into the research. Experienced content creators also possess:

  • Research skills
  • Passion for crafting creative content
  • Search engine optimization skills
  • And personality.

A good content writer knows how to relate to your audience, whether they are business thought leaders, general consumers, and whether the content is about online marketing, selling from a brick and mortar business, or about… plumbing. 

[Seriously: you want to check out our portfolio. We’ve written about EVERYTHING.]

But let’s look more closely at some of the advantages of hiring a professional content writer over writing your own content.

write your own content

How to Create Great Content for Your Website and Social Platforms

We understand that there’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciding whether you want to write your own content or hire a content writer online. It can be scary to hire a stranger online, knowing that there are so many scammers around… But if you use a reputable content agency, you can rest assured that your work will be done on time and on spec. 

Benefits of writing your own content include:

You don’t have to pay someone to do it! (or do you?)

You can write your own content for free—provided you don’t consider the investment in other resources, such as time and skills. Although it might seem cheap or easy, writing your own content is in no way  free. You have to find the time, inclination and creative inspiration to actually sit down, do your research, learn SEO, and write your content.

You can control the style and tone

You know your audience. You deal with your customers daily and probably know what they do and don’t like. But don’t be fooled. 

It is likely you already have a sense of what type of content you want to write and the tone you want to use. Different audiences behave in unexpected ways online to what you’re used to in real life. As such, the style, tone, and placement of your content can once again make or break your goals.

Professional content writers work with all types of businesses and audiences. They have psychological insights into how audiences interact online with different companies and marketers. 

They may not be “in” your business, but they are trained to understand your  target audience and engage with them in a way that will build your brand. 

If you provide a professional content writer with your vision or requirements, they can better explain what you are trying to say. A good writer can listen to your goals and conceptualize content that suits your goals and your audience’s needs.

Why you should NOT write your own content

The copy you use should always be on-point  and well-written. As the face of your brand, it represents you in the public eye. The majority of shoppers compile information about big purchases online before they make them, so you should be on their radar. Every time you, or someone else, creates content for your business, ask yourself: if I were your customer, would this impress me?

No matter what your background in writing is, content writing requires a lot of time and  effort. Your time would be better spent running your business and focusing on income producing activities..

Writing your own content is impractical compared to hiring a professional content writer because if you were to write your own content, you’d be much more likely to neglect important aspects of your business, thus wasting valuable time.

write your own content

You’re too close to your business

In spite of your expertise, it’s vital that you remember your customers aren’t experts in your business. In our years of writing professional outsourced content, we have seen so many well-written websites fail because their owners tried too hard. 

  • They use complex industry jargon and technical terms, which simply confuse your readers.
  • They try to sound too intelligent in providing the features and benefits of their products and services, rather than focusing on what the customer wants.
  • They fail to create flowing content based on their understanding of the sales funnel.

Many people will skim through this type of content; only a few will take the time to fully read it. If your prospects do not understand what you are explaining, they will find a competitor to make the point in terms they will understand.

Every type of company can benefit from hiring a superb writer, from a small startup to a multinational corporation. A freelance copywriter can help with your over-complicated problems. 

An experienced content writer has an exceptional ability to research vast amounts of content and grasp meaty concepts.  Their superb reading comprehension enables them to digest the content and explain it to readers  in an understandable manner—sans all the  industry jargon and terms that are foreign to your audience. 

Pro Tip: Having trouble determining whether this applies to you? Have someone you know (a layperson) read your content and tell you if they can explain it accurately. Expect a surprise.

Having a strong understanding of your niche is crucial. Lack of expertise in the different types of content is likely to make the most comprehensive articles boring after a while.

Poor grammar, typos, and misplaced punctuation all scream ‘negligence’ in a copy. Unless you spell-check your written materials, your customers will question your attitude towards your business and them as well. What makes them believe that you will pay attention to detail in other facets of  your work?

Consistency is Essential

Consistency in your style, tone, and voice is the key to succeeding with content marketing. It is vital that each step of content creation and publishing follows a consistent schedule to ensure success with search engine optimization.

write your own content

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Writer (over writing your own content)

When it comes to hiring a professional content writer, you get to choose the writer who is best suited to your project’s style and niche. As you participate in the selection process, you establish a rapport with your writer that allows them to better understand what you expect from them.

Highly  Cost-Effective

As a rule, freelance writers charge lower rates than agencies. 

It saves time to work with an experienced writer

“Sure, I’ll write it, right after I tackle this filing cabinet /water the plants/ eat lunch/pay these invoices.” Have you ever told yourself this before? Many busy business owners have little time to send out company messaging and content marketing. Most likely, you should spend your time  elsewhere. The content marketing industry is projected to be worth $300 billion by 2019, reflecting the increasing number of company’s investing in quality copy.

You need some quiet time and concentration when you are composing a carefully written, insightful, error-free job posting. Freelancers excel at this, often working from home or a local cafe to avoid the distractions of a traditional office. You would need weeks in     sporadically snatched moments in order to accomplish what they could achieve in one hour. Work on your strengths and let a copywriter handle the copy for you.

A single-minded focus

The freelancer usually does fewer projects after taking over from a content writing service. In other words, a freelancer is more likely to give your project the undivided attention you need, as well as more control over how your feedback will be implemented.

In conclusion

Not only are copywriters master wordsmiths, they are the masters of covert persuasion. . According to Hubspot, fewer than a quarter of  businesses  are satisfied with their conversion rates. The point of copywriting is not only to provide eloquent, fanciful language, but also to increase sales. Your main goal should be to compel your readers to take action with your words at the end of the day. To achieve this, you need to evoke some kind of emotional response: be it  excitement, joy, or fear of missing out.

If you are clear about how you want your content to be perceived, then choosing content writing services or freelancers is an easy decision. 

As you can see, hiring a professional content writing service or agency is the best option for fast, original, and effective SEO content. You should avoid other services that only produce content: a reliable content writing service should also publish it for you on your website and distribute it to other reliable platforms, too.

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