Why I’m Not Replying to Your Emails

It seems that some gremlins have infiltrated electronic communications, and it is causing wide-spread annoyance.

Every day, I receive emails to the effect of “Why are you not responding to my emails? Must I find a new writer?“. It’s making me look bad! On the other hand, I have to follow-up with clients on a regular basis to ensure that they have received their time-critical website content, blog posts or classifieds.

While I don’t like to cast the blame on my clients or potential clients who might have perhaps sent it to the wrong address, I also know that systems malfunction. I know for a fact that I’m extremely diligent about checking my emails and staying on top of my server.

I just responded to a client, assuring him of my undying devotion, when I came across an article blaming Gmail’s Auto-correct glitch for mislaid emails – and it is SCARY! Knowing that South Africa’s media has an archaic response time, I went to do some online research (I offer the service, so I may as well do it for myself, right?) and found that this bug was first reported 2 days ago, and it’s a bigger problem than I thought.

But it’s not only Gmail:

If you’re not receiving mail, it could be that there is some setting that needs changing. Here are some great troubleshooting ideas.

If you’ve sent me an email and I have not responded within 24 hours, please get in touch again, either via Fiverr or oDesk, Linked in or another email address. I’m definitely keen on working with you!


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  1. Hi Lizette

    I have been having a great time reading your ebook manifesting your perfect life however I’m not sure if you are aware or not of an error on page where you used Nick Vujicic as an example saying he was born without limbs and abandoned by his parents, yes he was born without limbs however if you listen to him explain his upbringing he actually attributes his success and attitude in life to the guidance and support he was given by his parents who in fact never abandoned him.

    1. Hello John

      Thanks for pointing out that error. Yes, you are correct. I watched a video of Nick, which said that he was abandoned by his parents. But recently, I got hold of the book and found that his parents had supported him. Perhaps the video I watched was poorly translated or something, but unfortunately I can’t remember what it was called… Thanks for reminding me. I need to update that in my book. He’s such an inspiration!

      Again, thanks for stopping by!

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