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Website Content Writing Services Involve More Than Just Good Spelling

quality website contentBeing online all day has its advantages, but sometimes we see things that make us cringe.  Unlike many copywriters offering website content writing services, I’m no Grammar Nazi, but when someone who can barely string a sentence together insists on doing her own website content or even social media posts, it shakes me to the core.

Then there are the people who whip up a website by tea time (and populate it with content stolen from other websites)… No, no, noooooooooo!  Ever heard of duplicate content, or plagiarism?

Why is Quality Content so Important?

You could argue that proper grammar is more important for a professional website – say for instance a site that sells professional products such as insurance or financial products. You might say that it’s less important when you’re selling diet pills, furniture or  rip-off designer gear, but what are you saying about your business? Should you not make your business look as professional as possible no matter what you sell? Should you not consider opting for website content writing services?

Regardless of what type of business or website you have, it is crucial that the content on your website is written in an easy-to-read, appealing and attractive style. Website visitors will judge both you and your company by the quality of the writing and the information presented on your web site. Some of my clients write perfectly well, but they still ask me to give their work a once-over to ensure that they have not missed anything, because they are not experts in website content writing services.

Quality website content writers have to pass tests before they can apply to jobs on sites like Upwork. Go ahead, check out just how good your grammar is with this fun test.

There’s a lot more to a professional website content writing service than just grammar and spelling…

Professional copywriters are creative and know how to combine technical aspects of search engine optimization with excellent writing skills to appeal to both the readers and search engines.

Here are some of the value added services you will receive from a website content writing service:

Keyword search and keywords analysis: Using the right keywords is imperative for creating content that will deliver visitors to your site. Remember, many companies promise milions of website hits (and most of the time you won’t make a single sale!), but website content writing services know how to write content to bring the right customers to your site – quality trumps quantity!

Online marketing:   Understanding current online marketing strategies and the techniques will ensure high rankings on your website over time. This might include social media marketing, article marketing and other strategies. If your website content writing service doesn’t do it, they should be able to refer  you to someone who does. The key is understanding how it works and how to create suitable content for each marketing avenue.

Persuasive writing:  Everyone can write a call to action, but it takes a professional website content writing service to write persuasive text to deliver the best results.

A quality web content writer understands how to write for your target market, while at the same time appealing to your potential readers. Writing for the search engines uses specific formulae, and text has to adhere to certain standards to ensure a good reputation for your website, both with readers and spiders.

What makes for quality web content?

0% duplicate content:   That means that your content must be 100% unique, which takes some skill with billions of web pages out there.

1-3% keyword density:  Using your keywords the right amount of times, based on the length of text, and in the right places.

Flow:  Ensuring readability, proper sentence structure, style, and more.

Enticing calls-to-action:  Persuasive writing that inspires readers to take the next step.

Perfect grammar and spelling:  Goes without saying.

Quality web content copywriters have the tools needed to ensure that they deliver the best quality work for your needs, whether it is article marketing content or website content writing services and they really don’t charge much. For a small once-off payment to someone who has passed the online article writing and blogging test (U.S. version) on Upwork, you receive quality web content that you can keep and use forever on your website, making you sales over and over again.

Invest in a quality web content copywriter today to give your website a once-over, or to provide ongoing website content writing services.

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