“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.

― Amy Poehler

Whether you need new content for your website, a book edited, or some help finally getting a Facebook page or logo created, the ContentCafe team can help.

We’re a talented team of solution-minded individuals with old-skool values instilled by the Boomers on the team. But we also remain level-headed (mostly) thanks to Lizette’s “geriatric millennial” vibes—Queenager is a MUCH better term… Then of course, the youngsters keep us relevant and “on fleek”—whatever that means. Our clients like our work, and that’s really most important.

So, without further ado… Let’s introduce you to the team.

Lizette The Boss
Writer / Editor

Lizette started ContentCafe in 2009 and built a solid reputation and loyal clientele as an outsourced freelance writer and editor on trusted platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. Many of her 300+ clients have become awesome friends over the years. Lizette runs on coffee and words of affirmation (so please be sure to leave a review!). During the great 2019-XXX? pandemic, she established the most epic team of geniuses to expand the company's offerings to her clients. 

James The Brain
Creative Marketing Writer

James is our very own (literal) Mr. Bean. He brings laughter and wisdom to the office, thanks to his limitless general knowledge and infinite supply of dad jokes. He's a highly appreciated wordsmith extraordinaire and would have done a much better job at writing this bio... but he's humble and has ignored repeated requests for 2 weeks. Our customers—but more importantly, their audiences /  clients—continue to be entertained by his exceptionally creative, entertaining, and plagiarism-free writing skills. 

Debbie The Busy Bee
Marketing & Social

Homeschool drop-out extraordinaire and all-round genius, Debbie is a bubbly 20-year old business prodigy with a solid six years of work experience ranging from sales to customer service to entrepreneur. There is NO PROBLEM Debbie can't solve. Marketing and social media exec at CC, she's our most head-hunted employee. We keep her in a glass cage so that nobody else can hire her by clicking here. Please don't steal her, okay?

Brandon The Fixer
Digital Design

Although Brandon is an extremely talented digital designer and marketer with a bunch of clients, no business meeting at ContentCafe would end on a high without his careful planning and execution. When he's not—cough—perfectionisting (it's a thing with nerds...), he's fixing stuff or being a creative visionary. His main role in this joint is as director of recreation and entertainment. That's just how he rolls... 

Wade The Doughemian
Accounts & General Manager

Every company has that one guy... If ContentCafe was The Office (US), Wade would be our very own Dwight. It's accrual world out there... As general manager and director of finances, Wade makes sure our clients receive value-for-money services, and that our team gets paid. He painfully tracks all the income and expenses and handles procurement, and ensures that the office continues to tick over. And he makes a mean cup of coffee... (one a day). And he makes sure Lizette is three balance sheets to the wind when she winds down at the end of the day.