Social Media: 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Share Your Posts

Last night I had yet another semi-heated encounter with someone who felt highly enraged that I would not share her social media promotion on my wall. It’s happening increasingly more often and I figured I owe you an explanation. Perhaps, when you understand why I (and – I really hope – other people) don’t share your posts and why your efforts fall on deaf ears. Maybe, if you change your strategy, I will happily share whatever you share.

Here’s Why I Won’t Share Your Social Media Posts

Have a sip of coffee, take a deep breath, and put yourself in my shoes, for just a second.

1.  You’ve Been Taught Wrong

social media postsSome “Social Media 101” experts say that you should ASK people to share your posts. However, they don’t know the first thing about psychology. They are number crunchers who don’t care about your personal brand or the user experience. It’s all about getting links out there. The reason they tell you to ask for likes is because they know all their other advice is just fluff.

If you have to ask, it means that nobody’s reading what you’re posting and they’re not interested in it either. Since birds-of-a-feather-flock-together, my (mainly) international friends don’t care about your supermarket in Pompiesfontein, so posting about it on my wall will just add useless clutter.  If I were your client and paid you to do social media posts for me, and you asked your friends to like it, I’d be upset, as I’d much rather have organic likes / comments for my advertising bucks.

Solution?  Pick your audience.  Ask the right people to share your posts, instead of just blindly asking anyone who pops up on your chats.

2.  You Like to Condescend

Just because I share random things that interest me and possibly my friends, doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I KNOW you’re not sharing your “thing” because it will “help me help my friends”. It only helps you.  I’m happy to help you, but don’t condescend.

Solution?  Learn some attraction marketing. Don’t ask me if I know how to highlight your name. Firstly, it’s called TAGGING YOUR NAME. Secondly, if you supposedly follow me all over the net (which I haven’t noticed, since you’ve never liked or commented on anything I’ve posted), you would know that I know how to tag someone.

3. I Won’t Lie to My Friends

Here’s what a “friend” wanted me to post yesterday (without the picture, of course):

social media postsI’ve watched my friend, CLUELESS NETWORKER, follow this nutritional system for awhile now. I keep seeing her FB posts about how great the results are, and wanted to help her out by posting this message. The results I see are quite amazing. People losing weight, feeling better, gaining energy. If anybody on my FB list is looking to achieve any of these results, please reach out to CLUELESS NETWORKER. I know she is very passionate about this company, their products, have know doubt she can help you too!


Just like she’s never seen my posts, I’ve never seen hers. For all I know she’s as big as a house. Besides – DUH – I’m a Herbalife distributor, too. If you so loved our friendship, you would know that already.  Again, pick your audience.  When I post something to my friends, it is something I feel strongly about.


Solution? Don’t ever assume that I will lie to my friends and tell them that I’ve seen anything I have not seen or know anything about.  I’m not going to say something is fantastic if I don’t know it for a fact and think my friends will be interested or benefit from it. And, please, learn some grammar and spelling!!!

4. Networking Goes BOTH Ways

When I refused to share my “friend’s” post above, she told me that it is networking, and if I ever asked her to share anything. No, I haven’t. Why? Because I don’t ask anyone to share anything. They must do it willingly.

As for networking, and MLM being about “telling stories” – that’s the reason why people think every MLM company is a pyramid built on lies. You’re supposed to share truthful success stories.

But I regress… Networking goes both ways. If you want me to share your stuff, you need to share mine, too.

Solution? Share my social media posts, then I will feel obliged to share yours, too (provided they meet the other criteria on this post!).


social media posts5.  I Don’t Like / Believe in What You Post

I concede, my friends may be interested in what you share, but if I don’t like it, I’m not sharing it – just like you won’t share my posts, because you think it’s going to discredit you or give me business with my “ridiculous rates“. One of my friends shares lots of social media posts, and also asks me to like this and comment on that, but this friend also posts some interesting life-related stuff. If I don’t like the social media posts or if I don’t know of anyone who would be interested in, I ignore it. However, on the personal, life-related posts, I happy engage.

Solution? Stop spamming everyone with constant, boring and promotional posts. Post something interesting for a change and share something REAL about you. Think about personal branding, rather than clicks.


6.  I Don’t See Your Posts

If you’ve known for a fact that I have seen your posts, but I have not shared it, I probably didn’t want to. If you know that I am interested in what you share, and I’m not sharing / liking / commenting on it,  it could just be a matter of Facebook’s constant changes that have caused me not to see it. For that, I apologize.

Solution?  Share it on my wall. Don’t tag me in it along with a thousand other people, because I will not approve it. Just share it on my wall and give me the option to choose whether I am interested in it or not.

6.  I’m Actually Trying to Help You

I do ALL my business online. I don’t have one client that I work with one-on-one, face-to-face. I can count the clients that I have ever met on one hand. Yet, with minimal social media, I have managed to build a successful business. I have never asked you or anyone else to share anything of mine (yet).

Solution? Find better ways to do business and market yourself. Most importantly, consider a mind-set change. Target your ideal market. There is no such thing as “everyone needs what I have to offer”. One good way to do it, is to build a good reputation.


Social Media Posts Take-Away

After this, you know exactly how to get me to share your social media posts. You can do it the hard way, or the easy way.

My Facebook wall, especially, is a SOCIAL platform for me. It’s my personal brand, my reputation, my place where I can be ME. I won’t have it polluted with rubbish and lies and advertising.  I don’t want it to become a place where I have to “work”.

It has to be fun.

Write some good blog posts that make me want to read them. Nobody is interested in seeing a social media post that leads them straight to a sales page, especially when they know nothing about your company. Create some valuable content, and you will get a better response.

Facebook was invented as a social platform, but it has been exploited by the very people who complain about the way that Facebook is now becoming commercial and that they want to charge people to market on there. You can’t have it both ways. Share and share alike.

You can start by sharing this post… 😉

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