Comprehensive Edit – 35 000 words


Congratulations, what an amazing achievement! You have hit the 35 000 word count mark. Now you are on the hunt for a professional who will edit your work. Look no further than the EditingQueen. I will ensure that your writing is perfectly edited.


You have worked tirelessly on your 35000 word manuscript and want it to be just perfect. With more than 100 published projects the EditingQueen will provide you with top notch editing.

The Comprehensive 35000 Word Edit Product includes professional editing of:

  • spelling, capitalization
  • grammar and sentence structure
  • comments on plot holes, inconsistencies and flow
  • recommendations for content development
  • rewrite suggestions as required
  • Auxiliary Rewrites for up to 20% of the full manuscript (as needed)
  • Excellent Service
  • 100% Satisfaction

The intro gig that EditingQueen offers provides an opportunity for you to review our services and see whether I’m the editor for you.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Guaranteed if you have used my services once, you will not think twice about working with me again!


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