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Launching Your Website: Check These Crucial Points First

When you get an idea for a new website, it’s only common to want to launch right away – nobody likes to wait. You quickly register a domain, choose a template in a flash, whip up some content and launch… We’ve all done that, especially the first few times around, and there’s nothing wrong with it, really.

According to “Often called “hurry sickness,” excessive time-urgency means being tied to the clock and trying to do too many things at once. By doing things too fast or doing too much at one time, you reduce your effectiveness.”

When we rush we tend to make mistakes and we also tend to be blind to those mistakes, and it’s often a good idea to get an impartial observer to check out your site for any mistakes.

Common Oversights When Launching Your Website

Hey, it’s nothing personal. We all make mistakes, particularly when you’ve been burning the midnight oil in anticipation of launching your new website. So what mistakes can be expected, realistically? There are 3 types of mistakes that are likely to be present in 80% of new websites:

Simple Mistakes:  A typo here, a spello there, an image that is not of the best quality or size… nothing serious!

Inexperience Mistakes:  These are the mistakes people make when they are new to the online world. Mistakes include broken links, issues with flow, alignment issues, readability issues… While not serious, it will devalue your site in the opinion of your intended users.

Make-or-Break Mistakes:  Certain issues are crucial to your visitors’ experience on your site, particularly if it’s a subscription site. This usually leads to an immediate reduction in visitors’ opinion of your professionalism, not only where building websites are concerned, but in general.

launching your website
Simple yet serious typing errors


Many people turn to overseas development companies for their experience in developing quality sites at affordable rates. However, those companies do not possess the sales knowledge you need to ensure the success of your sites. Also, English is not their first language. Most of them speak in code and therefore, the text on your site will come across as abrupt or incoherent. Communication may also be a problem when it comes to relaying your specifications, and therefore you should have someone check everything before launching your website.

Fix These Mistakes Before Launching Your Website

Seriously, don’t publish your website until you’ve had an impartial person with experience in this field check your site. When clients contact me to check their sites, I look at all the basics on the front end, but I also check:

Payment issues: If a client can’t process payments through your site, you will have endless hassles submitted to Support. That will waste your company’s time, and time is money.

Functionality:  You have to ensure that the site allows your clients to do what they came here for as simply and easily as possible, or else they will go to your competitors. This section includes the ability to upload or download files, play video or look at images, change settings, access different parts of a site and subscribe to your newsletters.

Error pages:  More common than you might think, error pages are a hassle on many sites. It is a sign of a site that is not properly developed or regularly maintained and a deterrent for many visitors.

Before Launching Your Site – Let Me Check It for Only $5 (Limited Offer!) That’s right, for the unbeatable price of only $5, I will do a preliminary check of your site. I will:

  • check the aesthetics
  • check grammar and spellos
  • check images
  • check for broken links

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On completion, I will send you a report to let  you know my findings and any suggestions to improve on what you already have. I can also check your subscription site as a user to ensure:

  • all functionality is in order
  • the system flows properly, and more.

A recent client asked me to check his website, and I found a number of issues, small in the greater scheme of things, but essential for the reputation of the site and the ease-of-use for the subscribers. So, before you launch your site, let me give it a quick once-over.  It will be an investment that keeps on giving.

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