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Introducing Brainlinkers: The Future of Outsourcing Convenience

In November, ContentCafe was approached for one of our most exciting projects to date:  Helping with the testing and brainlinkersdevelopment of content (such as the Privacy PolicyUser Agreement,  and User Guides)  for a new freelancing and outsourcing platform.  Working on Brainlinkers and seeing how it went from a bare website with limited functionality to what it is today, has been most rewarding. The founder, Steven Tanner, and his development team worked hard to iron out the teething problems that are typical with all newly developed websites, to create a fully functional tool that offers simplicity and convenience for companies (Clients) and freelancers alike.

Outsourcing is fast becoming a global phenomenon, whereby clients and companies are:

Saving time:  A freelancer on the other side of the world works while you are asleep. That means that your project is progressing even in your absence. Hiring freelancers online makes the procurement process much faster too.

Saving money: When you hire a freelancer, you don’t have to supply infrastructure and office equipment as you would when you have someone working in your office. Freelancers charge lower hourly rates, allowing you to get more value for your money.

Freelancers can work around their own schedules, and set their own rates. In many cases, freelancing allows people who are unemployable for political, social or demographic reasons to earn money from the comfort of their own homes.

Brainlinkers literally links ideas with sweat equity to deliver fast, effective solutions to people around the world.

Benefits of Brainlinkers (for Clients)


Companies looking to hire freelancers will love the simplicity of the Brainlinkers system. It allows them to quickly post a job specification with their preferred requirements and receive applications from suitable freelancers. From there, they can easily select the ideal freelancers from a range of applicants. [Learn more here…]

Brainlinkers offers clients:

  • a wide range of skilled freelancers
  • easy communication methods (voice and video calling, instant messaging and private messaging)
  • low fees (10%)
  • easy payment methods (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discovery and Paypal)
  • Fixed or Hourly contracts
  • Time Tracker software to keep tabs on your freelancers.

Benefits for Freelancers

brainlinkersBrainlinkers can help experienced freelancers find fixed rate and contract work online. Once you have created your freelancer profile, and set up your payment profile, you can start applying for jobs posted by clients. Once the client pays you, the money will be available in your PayPal account immediately. If you have experience and you are committed to delivering quality work, Brainlinkers is the place to be.  [Learn more…]

Brainlinkers offers freelancers:

  • ability to create a free online freelancer’s profile
  • setting your own rates
  • applying for suitable positions online
  • Brainlinkers’ payment guarantee
  • instant cash in Paypal
  • TimeTracker software guarantees your payments

Brainlinkers is one of our preferred online portals and we’re happy to share this interview we had with Steven Tanner, with you.

Interview With Brainlinkers’ Steve Tanner

ContentCafe:  “Tell us about yourself, Steve.”brainlinkers

Steve Tanner:  “I was born in the UK and have lived there my entire life although I have plans to move abroad in the next few

years; I love travelling and can’t imagine myself living in one place my entire life (I’m currently writing this from Singapore with a flight booked for Sydney tomorrow!) . After finishing school I went on to study law at University with plans of becoming a lawyer. However, 3 years of reading non-stop case law left me unenthused, prompting a change in career aspirations. After graduation I moved into a job in finance within the banking industry where I have stayed since.

CC:  “How did Brainlinkers come about?”

ST:  “I began developing Brainlinkers about a year ago with the help of a number of great freelancers. The site went live in January and although we are facing new challenges every day, the site is growing rapidly. In my first couple of years in the banking industry I had the privilege of working on a project that outsourced work abroad. Upon working with a number of individuals hired on a freelance basis from India, I noticed how quickly they picked up the process due to their skill set and work ethic despite having little to no experience in the particular field they were now working in. I realised how effective this process could be in reducing costs without impacting on the quality of output, not just for large businesses but also for individuals or small businesses in need of a freelancer who had a skill they perhaps lacked. From here, the idea for Brainlinkers began to develop and I’ve been working on growing the business to make it a success ever since.”

CC:  “What were some of the challenges you faced in developing Brainlinkers?”

ST:  “Before developing the site, I had a clear vision of what I wanted Brainlinkers to look like and the function I wanted it to serve. However, not coming from an I.T. background, I had very little knowledge on how to make this a reality and was initially lost in a sea of programming systems and jargon. Fortunately, I was put in contact with a talented software development team who worked with me to develop my ideas into a working business – something I could not have done without them. My current challenge is marketing the site effectively and reaching out to the people that will help make the site a success – namely talented freelancers and those in need of that talent. With the help of some great freelancers working for me, I’m learning lots about social media marketing and Google Adwords. As a result, the number of users signing up to Brainlinkers is increasing on a daily basis.”

CC:  “Where do you see Brainlinkers heading?”

ST:  “I firmly believe there’s a huge workforce of highly skilled and hardworking individuals abroad that aren’t being effectively utilised by business’s in the west. I see freelancing as the key to bringing them together, and by growing Brainlinkers I hope to be a part of this. My aim is for Brainlinkers to become the first place those looking for freelancers head for, and likewise, the first site those in need of work sign up to. As a result, I’m striving to implement the functions freelancers and clients want to see on their site of choice, to make the process of working together as easy and efficient as possible.”

Well, thank you, Steven for developing this awesome platform. We can see that it is the next quality home for experienced freelancers who are serious about delivering excellent service to clients who are looking for quality outsourced individuals.

Check out Lizette’s Brainlinkers profile, if you are looking for quality web content.


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