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hire a content writer

Running your own business means knowing everything about it better than anyone else. You happily answer any question about what it does and what your plans are. Even if you’re a subject matter expert on your business, can you convey it clearly and confidently on your website?

Perhaps you have launched a business blog or would like to boost your content marketing efforts by posting regularly. The problem is that you don’t have enough time to research, write, and publish articles regularly  on your blog. Maybe you’d rather do something else than write business material. As a result, you must decide whether to hire an in-house writer, hire a writing agency, or hire a freelance writer.

Nowadays, business professionals understand that in order to stay ahead of the competition they must provide a constant stream of relevant, creative and interesting information to the masses (i.e. Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and blog readers). Additionally, the content may need to be inspiring and motivating depending on the brand, business, or individual.

Regardless of how much writing skills they possess, most business owners are becoming aware of the immense pressure that comes with content marketing and the writing that goes hand-in-hand with it. Marketing does involve a lot of writing, but it also requires a lot of research and time. 

Clients often research companies that they want to do business with or purchase from online. Consequently, it is imperative to optimize your site for search engines (SEO). When a person uses search engines like Google, a website with SEO appears at the top of the list. In order to be successful with social media, it’s not enough to post a tweet or a Facebook status update haphazardly; you have to do your homework, conduct your research, understand what your followers want to hear, and then craft your content accordingly.

Your growing to-do list likely does not include much time for writing. No matter how proficient you are in your field, you might tend to put off writing tasks. Whatever your company’s website content is, it is important to write optimized content for things like search engine optimization that makes your site easier to find, and educates your customers. A well-written piece of writing accomplishes all those things.

When you hire a website content writer, you can get the right words on your website, social media, blog, Linkedin listings, Facebook pages, and more) so that people who are looking for your business can find you. It is important to choose words that are interesting and informative when describing your business. Adding the right keywords to your website will put it near the top of the list in online searches. Hiring a website content writer can do much more than that.

In this article, you’ll learn why hiring a professional freelance writer is a great choice.

Freelance content writers are essential to small businesses

Great copy is essential for every business. Words are the tools you use to sell your products.

Your brand’s first impression is often formed by the copy on your website, social media posts, newsletters, etc.

Your words reflect your company’s values, beliefs, processes, and culture. With good copywriting, your brand can become a leader in your industry… It can also damage your image and make your customers lose confidence and trust in your brand.

Why hire a freelance content creator?

  1. Your content will be better and more consistent – By hiring a freelance writer, you can publish more frequently. Content creation is our job after all. Having prepared a content calendar, you can then leave the writing work to the freelancer. By doing so, you can focus on other aspects of your small business without having to sacrifice regular content for your readers.

Professional freelance writers make sure the final work is proofread, error-free, and in accordance with your specific brand tone. Don’t forget that you are busy, so you cannot spend your time planning content strategies, writing, or finding every single misplaced comma in your copy. Your freelance writer has the time, expertise, and skills necessary to write, edit, and smooth each piece before publishing. You may want to think again if you think typos and errors don’t matter. Those typos could cost you money.

There are many examples of businesses that had a horrible conversion rate, until they discovered errors on the website or social media pages. After correcting the mistakes, some conversion rates shot up to as high as 80%. A report from Grammarly published in Harvard Business Review shows that bad grammar can adversely affect a professional’s career.

A review of 100 LinkedIn profiles of native English-speaking consumer packaged goods professionals was conducted. Each professional had only worked for three employers in their first decade of work. About half of them achieved director-level positions within those 10 years, while the other half did not. They found the following:

  • There were 2.5 times as many grammar errors among professionals who never reached director-level positions within their first 10 years of work.
  • There is a correlation between fewer grammar errors and more promotions. Over the course of their 10-year careers, professionals with one to four promotions made 45% more grammar errors than those with six to nine promotions.
  • There is a correlation between fewer grammar errors and frequent job changes. People who stayed  at the same company for more than 10 years made 20% more grammar mistakes than those who held  six placements in the same time frame.

Colour Works found similar insights in the dating world. In a survey of 1700 users, the company discovered that 43% of them consider bad grammar unattractive, and 35% find it attractive. Additionally, spelling errors seem to be the most common mistake made by brands on social media. One hundred and three U.K. residents were surveyed by a London-based digital communications agency. About 42.5 percent of respondents believed mistakes in spelling or grammar would have the most impact on web users.

Choosing a professional writer will help you to produce error-free content, and lose less money.

  1. It’s like having an in-house professional writer, but for less -The ‘cost to company’ of employing full-time staff is much higher than using contractors like freelance writers. Hiring full-time staff means you’d need office space furnished with relevant furniture and equipment. Each person needs a desk, stationery, workstation, and other work-related equipment to do their job, this translates into expenses you may not have right now. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has made remote working a lot more attractive. By employing a freelance copywriter, you not only save on expenses, but also office space.

Most freelancers offer one-to-one services, are responsive, and flexible. It is their goal to listen to clients, communicate with them, and understand their needs.

Small businesses that work with freelancers avoid litigation from unhappy employees. You can hire and fire freelancers easier than if they were full-time employees. This flexibility makes it possible for you to hire only productive team members. The only thing they get paid for is the work they completed. You don’t pay if they don’t deliver. Full-time staff may spend 8 hours a day at work, and only work 5—yet, you still need to pay their full salary.

A freelance, professional content writer only gets paid for work that is completed. Want to see the process in action? We have more than 11+ years of experience and over 300 customers who have trusted us. You can too. Grab a gig on Fiverr, create an hourly contract on Upwork, or visit our shop to grab a retainer package.


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