Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the value of proper testing when you design your new website. It’s not easy to notice your own mistakes, so take advantage of this free offer and an outside perspective.

Content Cafe will send you a FREE report on your website’s scoring on a list of items, including:

Ease of navigation:  How easy it is for a visitor to find the information they need and the logic of your layout.

Aesthetic appeal:  Fonts, images, colours.

Marketing score:  Does your website make the visitor want to buy?

Content:  Professional checking of several areas of your website content, including spelling, grammar, sentence structure, flow and more.


We will also check that your content is original and SEO optimized (optional), two areas that greatly affect your ranking in search engines.

To take advantage of this free offer, simply contact us with the URL of your website, the demographics of your target audience and the goals of your website. We will do an assessment within 48 hours and email back your report for implementation.