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Why Pay For eBook Writing Services When You Can Write it Yourself?


Indeed! If you have the time and skill to plan, research, write and professionally edit an ebook, you shouldn’t need to pay someone else to do it. Unless, of course, your time is better used doing what you do BEST – running your business, securing new clients and converting browsers into buyers.

Consider how much time it will take you to put together a good quality, well-written ebook and what you have to forego in your business to invest that amount of time in your ebook. Does it make good business and financial sense? If not, consider hiring ContentCafe to do it for you instead.

Whether you need a guide on online marketing, preparing for a new baby, writing a book, or any other topic, you can rely on ContentCafe to dilligently research and create an error-free, interesting book that appeals to your particular readership.


Expert eBook Writing Services & Marketing Support


One of the advantages of having ContentCafe write your ebook, is that the knowledge gained from researching and writing the book, places our writers in a prime position to become your content partners beyond the of delivery of your ebook. We can create a variety of content pieces to promote your book. From blog posts to press releases, sales letters and email broadcasts – we can do it all.


ContentCafe Ebook Writing Services: Hire a Professional Ebook Writer Today


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