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Why Invest In Professional Digital Copywriting Services?

Good question. You’ve invested in a professional website. You’ve paid for professional graphics. You’re trying to sell professional products and services. Now all you need is professionally written content that convert visitors into clients.

Well-written website content –

  • showcases your company persona
  • builds trust in your visitors
  • guides potential clients towards the steps they need to take to close the deal

But there’s more… Quality digital copywriting doesn’t only speak to your visitors; it also communicates with the search engines, ensuring that your pages rank well in the organic search result listings. When your site pops up in the SERPs as an authority in the topic of your keywords, you will receive more quality visitors to your site and increase the likelihood of closing more sales.

digital copywriting
Hubspot Inbound Certification deems the bearer fully capable and skilled in Inbound Methodology. She has been tested on best practices and is capable of applying them to attract strangers, convert visitors, close leads and delight customers.


In-Store vs. Online Content: What’s the difference?

Imagine your website is YOU for a moment. What would you say to your visitors? If your website doesn’t say exactly what you want to say, you’re missing out.

Consider for a moment what you do when visitors walk into your store. Do you offer them a cup of coffee and a smile, taking the time to show you care? Your website should be an extension of your professional persona. While you can’t offer them a cup of coffee in the literal sense, you can use professional digital copywriting in such a way that they know you care.

Once your web page loads on a visitor’s browser, you have 9 seconds to make them stay. Yes, nice images and quality design will appeal to their senses, but it is the words that really engage their minds.

Give your visitors a reason to stick around for long enough. Entice them to browse your site and learn more about your products and services. Make it easy for them by providing all the information they need to make the sales decision. Invest in quality website copy that engages their interest and shows that you care.

A professional digital copywriting expert will:

  • match your website content with your business ethos
  • gently guide visitors through your sales funnel
  • provide all the information visitors need in a minimal amount of clicks
  • ensure that your content connects with your visitors
  • use verbiage to relay a strong brand image and inspire trust

When you hire ContentCafe to provide you with professional digital copywriting services, we will take time to get to know your company. We will see what works (and what doesn’t!) for your competitors, and develop fresh content that welcomes your visitors, introduces your unique sales proposition and guides them to the information they need in a logical order.

Professional Digital Copywriting Signals Search Engines to Relevant Sites

Search engine algorithms scour the internet for quality websites based on a range of on-page quality signals. Unfortunately, many website owners resort to black hat SEO tactics such as including a range of keywords in their content. However, the sophisticated algorithms have evolved to analyse text in search of a higher quality of content. We incorporate keywords, meta tags, titles and other elements in our digital copywriting services to encourage search engines to rank your pages.

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