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Copywriting Jobs Abound!

That’s right, copywriting is a thriving industry, as more and more people are starting to understand the importance of quality website content. At the same time, the global employment rate is becoming lower and more people are looking for quick money online. That means that everyone is suddenly an online copywriting expert.

My husband is one of those nice guys who wants to end world hunger and make sure everyone has the opportunity to make their dreams come true. But I was quick to tell him why I don’t like to refer people to some of the platforms I use to find jobs. So, when I saw someone refer a clearly incompetent person to Upwork this morning, I was livid. Why am I so selfish / greedy?

1. It undermines the industry

When a company unwittingly hires incompetent freelancers for copywriting jobs and they deliver poor work, the employer thinks:  “I could’ve done this better myself!” and never hires someone again. The end result? Poor web copy and irrelevant search results for everyone.

2. It undermines quality freelancers

As incompetent freelancers apply for copywriting jobs and deliver poor work, companies become unwilling to pay reasonable rates for quality web copy. That means even quality freelancers have to start accepting below average rates.

Also, when companies see the poor writing from unqualified non-native English writers, they start refusing to employ ALL freelancers from countries other than the UK and USA. That affects everyone’s pocket!

Stay Away from Copywriting Jobs if You Can’t Write!

If English (or whatever language you’re going to write in) is not your first language, then don’t apply for copywriting jobs. There are millions of things you could rather be doing where you won’t:

  • Waste employers’ time
  • Put quality content writers from your country in a bad light
  • Make your own name mud and waste your own time.

I understand the lure of working for yourself… no set hours, no boss, going to work in your pjs, writing your own cheque… But, remember, unless you make a success of what you’re doing, you won’t have those perks, so rather stick with something you can do. For instance, check out this quick and untidy (but accurate) course about becoming an affiliate marketer – it’s free and much easier than copywriting jobs.


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    1. Hello Elize. What would you like more information on that was not covered in this post? Please let me know and I will gladly provide all the information you need. Thank you for stopping by!

  1. I would like to find out more about the jobs available, my finances are in a complete mess and I could do with the extra money. I have a job at the moment, but need to do something else to get more income.
    Please give me more info on how to join your company and how I should go about.
    Kind regards
    Sarita Lourens

    1. Hi Sarita. If you read my post, you will notice that I don’t offer jobs. I am a professional copywriter with experience, qualifications and established profiles on employment platforms. However, all is not lost if you don’t have those qualifications – there may be no jobs, but there is ALWAYS work. I will ask Wade Balsdon to send you more information on a fantastic opportunity. Also, please head on over to – there will be a post in about 45 minutes on how to achieve any goal, including meeting your financial needs. Wishing you all the best with your endeavours!

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