How Sue Robson Published Her First Book

Today, we have the opportunity to interview one of our favorite authors, Sue Robson. In 2019, Lizette had the unique privilege to work with Sue on her book. Keep on reading to learn more about Sue and her journey to published author-dom. 🙂

Sue Robson

Who is Sue?

Sue was born in Australia in the 1960s. Creative writing has been an important tool in her journey of self-discovery for more than 20 years. Over the years, she has written several journals.

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Her love of Spiritual Astrology, Kundalini Dance, and the Healing Arts supported her as she did personal work to discover her gifts, talents, and dreams. Her personal and inspiring journey gives us hope, courage, and possibilities for our own lives. Dreams do come true!

Sue’s quest to find the Ultimate Vocation took her on an incredible life adventure. However, she’s had to learn to embrace uncertainty and work through upheaval. Her colorful resume often received criticism and judgement due to the diversity of jobs she’s had in her nomadic life. To the less adventurous, Sue appeared unstable—although that was far from the truth!

She most recently authored Travel to Live: a proven path from upheaval & uncertainty to living the life you dream.


One of the biggest challenges with creating change, be it career path, a lifestyle change or a new direction, is not knowing what to expect or where to start.

—Sue Robson

Sue’s Goal

Sue’s goal with her book is to inspire others to find their true vocation through sharing her own experience in doing the same. 

Sue decided to write the story of her search for her ultimate vocation that provided a happy work/life balance. Her quest took her on a journey into Self Discovery working with some of her personal interests such as Spiritual Astrology and Kundalini Dance as the tools to support this journey.

“I was writing my first book and needed a professional to educate me with editing and formatting, to get a structure to my book for the content I was adding as I wrote,” Sue explains. “I had no idea what to look for as this experience was new. I knew I needed a professional.”

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“The author invites the reader along as she experiences the trials and tribulations of working in the luxury yachting industry, while traveling to some of the most beautifully stunning places on the planet. But this isn’t simply a travelogue of her journey. Travel to Live is woven with insight and wisdom that will help you realize your own dreams, whatever they may be.” 

“I chose travel as my vehicle, the world as my playground, adventure as my teacher, and ambition as my driving force.”

—Sue Robson

Yet, she was in a similar situation which eventually led her to ContentCafé.


Find a Proven Method

As a first-time author, Sue was new to the entire publishing process. She created her first draft according to the publishing school’s guidelines. 

“I was looking for someone who was experienced and understood my needs; someone who could guide me as I was new to writing my first book and I was looking for advice and guidance.”

Trust Professional Recommendations

Sue’s book coach recommended Lizette’s editing services. The ContentCafé website seemed “professional with clear, concise, and easy to follow information” and Sue reached out via email. 

Find Synergy

“Lizette is personable, caring, and thoughtful. She responded in a very timely manner AT ALL TIMES… considering we were in different parts of the world. She took genuine interest in my book and that was what I needed to complete my book,” she explains.

Services Overview

After learning more about Sue’s goal and the scope of the project, Lizette provided Sue with an editing sample of her own work, and a fixed-rate editing quotation, which Sue accepted.

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“I chose Lizette because she was prompt, efficient, and presented a warm and supportive communication in the beginning. This  improved as we built our relationship working together on my project. She showed genuine care and consideration for my dream goal of writing my book, which inspired me that I was doing something meaningful and worthwhile.”

Sue chose the Content Edit package, and Lizette delivered on her estimated turnaround of 2-3 weeks. All packages include an additional round of revisions to ensure that the client is 100% satisfied with the quality of work before going to publish. 

“Working with Lizette was inspiring and put meaning to what I was doing. It made it real for me—not just a pipeline dream. We were actually creating my first book. Exciting!”

Sue says of Lizette, “She is a true professional who cared about my project and went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable, supported, and in good hands. I was able to relax and enjoy writing and let Liz the expert bring it all together.”


TRAVEL TO LIVE: A proven path from upheaval & uncertainty to living the life you dream was published in December 2019 under Amazon’s Solo Travel, Transpersonal Psychology, and Vocational Guidance categories. 

It has subsequently earned glowing reviews.

“Sue’s book touched the world and changed countless lives, inspiring and empowering millions of readers to search for their own best selves.”

 “Sue Robson is very spiritual. She wrote about her life experiences and who she is. The book is a quick read and I had a hard time putting it down once I started reading it.”

Amazon Reviews
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Who should read TRAVEL TO LIVE: A proven path from upheaval & uncertainty to living the life you dream?

In short, everyone….

Do you ever wonder what your life purpose is? When you think about that, do you feel overwhelmed?

That feeling, as well as a feeling of self-doubt in your ability to see the truth, is not unique to you.

Travel to Live was written to help people to rekindle the part in them that knows how to live.

  • When knowledge is integrated with trust, it becomes wisdom.
  • When we relate to another’s story, we are able to connect to a part of ourselves. This can be all we need in order to make sense of our own thoughts, doubts, and fears.

Inside the pages of this book, Sue will show you the tools she used to overcome self doubt and tackle her fears while paving out a path to her Ultimate Vocation.

Dreams DO come true.

You can learn more about Sue on her website.


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