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Experienced Author Dr. John Wijnberg Understands the Importance of Editing

I look to the world around me for fresh inspiration, sometimes I see it, other times I feel it, but far too often I neglect it and life bumbles on without enough gratitude and cognizance of the miracles of daily life.

Dr. John Paul Wijnberg


“Good stories, love, and laughter are great natural medicines…”.

Doctor John Paul Wijnberg is an African doctor with over thirty years of hands-on international clinical experience and father. Through his stories, he passionately encourages children to tap into their true potential and find genuine joy within their hearts. Several years ago, he pondered the idea of writing a children’s book for his mother. It was evident that she loved it, and John continued to write children’s stories.  

“Children’s stories are my thing. I love kids, have three of my own, and believe writing for them is an amazing opportunity to get across some powerful, positive life messages.”

John’s Goal

As a clinical doctor, John spends his time working out ways to make people feel better.

“It didn’t matter, I was still sharing and it felt rewarding.” 

John went through some tough times, as chronicled in his post on Medium… He had panic attacks, exhausting insomnia, and was fast sinking into a bottomless pit of worry and misery. Patients don’t like miserable physicians. So combating these issues was essential, not only to start living again, but also to be able to serve his patients and do his job properly.

John soon realised how much better writing made him feel. As a result, he was able to channel his thoughts, emotions, and ideas onto paper, sharing them only with a handful of readers at a time.

“If you are stuck in a dark place, consider tapping into the arts and creative world, we are all artists in one form or another, it is not about being the best, it’s about being you. I’m confident it will open up some wonderful new opportunities in your life.”


John used his own ‘dark night of the soul’ to inspire children through fictional stories with deep life-lessons. In his children’s story book series, John takes his little readers on exciting adventures through some of the challenges of growing up, believing in oneself, and addressing the fear of failure. 

John light-heartedly provides interesting scenarios addressing some common life problems. Throughout his stories, he encourages the readers to answer and discuss some pertinent questions. 

Some of his books contain colouring-in pages to encourage a bit of hands-on creativity and engage more with the characters and their tropical environment while expressing their individuality through their choice of colours and styles.

Find a Proven Method

As an experienced author, John already had a team in place to help with the technical aspects of his books. However, he felt the need for a second set of eyes.

John reached Lizette through an internet search when he needed someone who was committed to providing timely, affordable, and high quality services.

“I needed someone to review and edit my content to ensure my vocab, spelling and grammar was ok. My books are for children so not very high tech but still important to have someone take a peek and give an experienced opinion ….make changes…” 

John Wijnberg

Find Synergy

In today’s tech-savvy world, most services can be outsourced to specialist freelancers. Because John was born in South Africa, he was comfortable hiring Lizette. They have only communicated via email throughout their various transactions.

“Lizette is personable, caring, and thoughtful. She responded in a very timely manner AT ALL TIMES… considering we were in different parts of the world. She took genuine interest in my book,” John explains.

Personal Service

Authors typically desire the sense of security a full-scale publishing house provides. However, many of them run into troubles with ‘soft scams’ as a result of being treated as just another number.

John wanted to be in control of his process, with the trusted support of outsourced professionals.

“Lizette was so committed and helpful and personal. You get a service which goes the extra mile, really cares and engages …it feels like you are joining the family.”

Services Overview

Although John has an excellent command of the English language, he also used writing tools to improve on his style, grammar, and spelling. He then hired Lizette to edit the books. 

John says of Lizette, “She is a true professional who cared about my project and went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable, supported, and in good hands. I was able to relax and enjoy writing and let Liz the expert bring it all together.”

Review from Upwork


After their first project together, John enlisted Lizette a few more times. He explains, “I am happy with what I receive… Dedication and very high quality services!”

John’s books are available at BaliBuku and on Amazon and are a fantastic series to add to your little reader’s bookshelf. You can also download a copy of this case study here.

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